So you've had a LPG system fitted to your 4WD for a number of years?

This system might be a Gas On Diesel unit, an eCoshot unit or a Powershot unit and has provided

you with the power, economy and clean running that has made your investment worthwhile.

But; have you recently noticed a drop in power or an increase / decrease in LPG usage?

You may need to have your unit serviced and returned to its’ original factory condition. 

eCo3K, through John O'Brien, has been servicing eCoshot and Powershot units for the past
7 years and will be able to restore your unit back to "as new" condition.

This is done by dismantling the unit, replacing all worn parts, thoroughly cleaning the interior of

any residue left behind from the LPG, re-assembling, tuning and returning the unit suitable for
fitting back on your vehicle.

To have your unit brought back to new, please use the contact button below to reach us with

your details or enquiry or call:

John O'Brien

0422 087 093